"I have seen through the lies of man, and they shall pay for it!"

-Conacma to Nova after their first battle

Vital statistics
Real Name Conacma
Aliases Shadowy thing, demon, monster
Gender Sounds male...
Species Demon
Status Alive and horrible
Alignment Himself, and anyone who will help him
Likes Destruction, darkness, death
Dislikes Nova, superheroes, light and fire
Place of Origin ???
Residence A Dark Realm
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies Nova, Teen Titans, Slade (occasionally)
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shadows, teleportaion, flying, intangibility, invisibility
Weaknesses Light, fire, The GreatSword Axeblade
Equipment A skull amulet that enhances darkness, Fear Swords
First Appearance

The Hunt for Conacma Episode 1


Conacma is a tall figure bathed in shadows. He stands at exactly 7 feet tall, and seems like the indistinct figure of man. His figures are difficult to make out, but he seems that he wears a black hood that elongates to his chest. He doesnt have any verafiable legs, as he seems to float everywhere, (he wears some sort of robe legs) His origins are unknown, but he has been quite the nuisance to the people of NNY and other large citys.

Conacma is considered immortal, but his true weakness is light, or to a lesser extent, fire. His main nemesis is Nova. He had killed Nova's parents when they tried to stop him from robbing a jewlery store. When Nova watched the news report on TV he began his endless hunt for the shady demon. His other foe is, suprisingly, Raven. When Raven destroyed her father, Trigon, Conacma had felt an enormous weight crushing him. His fellow demon falling in battle severely hurt him mentally, and ever since then he has attempted to destroy Raven, his mind entirely focused on avenging his fellow "brother."


Conacma has several powers, most shadow related:

Shadow defensive maneuvers: He can make shields, armour or other forms of defensive equipment to block physical, or ranged attacks. e.g. creating a mirror of shadows to reflect light based attacks.

Shadow offensive maneuvers: Conacma can manipulate shadows to harm enemies, or create his own weapons or minions. e.g.: Creating a wall of shadow and launching it at the enemy, or making shadows whip out and slice enemys.

He can also fly, turn invisible and intangible, and teleport between shadowy places that he has been to before.

Personality: Cold, ruthless, and unquestionably psychotic, Conacma would not mind destroying thousands of innocent people to gain an alley. He speaks to himself often, but doesnt give the huge "Im going to destroy you Teen Titans face my wrath!" yadadada... He attacks first, gloats later. He has two main foes, Nova and Raven, and one day will attempt to eradicate Raven. Luckily the Teen Titans, and Nova, will be there to stop him.

(Will add more later)

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