"I work alone. "
— Con

Con in her true form 'Sarah'
Vital statistics
Real Name Sarah Charolette Keller
Aliases Con, C-girl (by Cyborg)
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment hero
Likes Friends, kicking butt with BumbleBee, AquaLad
Dislikes a very annoying Speedy, not understanding Mas n Menos
Place of Origin unknown
Residence Star City
Relatives Unknown
Allies All Teen Titans
Enemies All Teen Titan enemies
Affiliations Titans East
Powers & Abilities
Powers Levitation, flight, telekinesis
Weaknesses Using levitation too much (it can kill her)
Equipment None
First Appearance
Con is a 15 year old teen girl who is actually Sarah Charolette Keller.


Con joined BumbleBee's team when she bumped into them. She really didn't wanted to be with them at first, but after she started hanging out with them, (and occasionally kicking some bad guy butt) she got used to them.

New Teammate, New Friend: Titans East

When she was fighting on the streets alone, Titans East found out and thought she needed help.

Stressed Out

After she knows the drill in the Titan East HQ (BumbleBee screaming at Speedy to take his feet off of the super computer, Mas n Menos making AquaLad sick by showing him fish tacos, and Speedy beautify-ing himself) she gets very irrtated and ventures into the outside. (as her her human self of course) She then runs into Speedy (as Roy Harper) and they go out, on a date. Once they got back, Speedy made AquaLad very jealous by telling him Con went on a date with him (he forgot to add reluctantly), which fumes Con and AquaLad.

Lives Intertwined

High School Dreams


Con's personality is very straight foward. She's kind, can get easily annoyed, and she's smart.


  • ability to move objects with her mind (use it too much and it hurts her brain)
  • ability of flight


BumbleBee: Her only friend that's a girl in Titans East. BB is very happy that Con decided to stay on the team since she is controlling four idiotic guy teammates of hers.

AquaLad: Let's just say, they are more than 'just friends'.

Speedy: Speedy hits on Con time to time to make AquaLad upset. Con gets ticked off by that too and hitting on her usually ends up a trash covered Speedy.

Mas n Menos: Thinks of them as younger brothers and always plays pranks on Speedy with them.


Con's appearance is like a Tamaran's. Her outfit is light blue.


"First of all, I don't need to be on any team. I work alone. Second, that's his name? Control Freak?! Wow. Villains are getting so cheesy these days." -New Teammate, New Friend: Titans East

"Say buh bye you big pile of crap!" -Stressed Out

"For the record, it wasn't my idea AquaLad! You guys keep fighting and—" -Stressed Out

"Yeah! You should always watch your back dumb ass!" -Lives Intertwined

"Well, I don't like groups and teams because of recent events... And I'm traveling around the world, seeing sights and visiting relatives. (lie)" -Lives Intertwined

"You could've killed me!" -Lives Intertwined

Con redrawn

Con (redrawn)

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