"I will prove my love to lord Fafnir, by destroying you!" Cinder (To the Tians, and Shadi)

Vital statistics
Real Name Cinder Fosh
Aliases Fafnirs Lover (She wishes)
Gender Female
Species Eos, unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Likes Fafnir Grey
Dislikes Titans of the Sozen Arc, Astralagi
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence unknown
Relatives unknown
Allies Fafnir Grey (She thinks)
Enemies Titans of the Sozen Arc and There allies
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers Fire and darkness manipulation. elemental transformation, Sprite control
Weaknesses Water, Light
Equipment Burning Blade
First Appearance yet to be revealed

Personality and History

A love sick follower of the sealed Fafnir Grey. She will do anything in her power to be with him. She despises the Titnas and their allies for imprisoning Fafnir and has vowed to avenge him. She was a follower of Fafnir during his early days and was his strongest supported, but went into hiding when she thought he was defeated.


She has an unnusual temperance that was mutated by being in fafnirs Vicinity. She can now conjure flames and manipulate darkness. He true form is that of a female fire elemental.

Cinder's True form

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