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Regular elf girl
Vital statistics
Real Name Cicely Raweru
Aliases Often called Cece
Gender Female
Species Elf
Status Active
Alignment Good; Fae world
Likes Hunting, practicing archery, plants
Dislikes rocks, dirt (the irony), fire
Place of Origin Helmatehta; Fae world
Residence E.L.F. HQ
Relatives Unknown
Allies E.L.F., Fae World, All super heroes
Enemies All villains
Affiliations E.L.F.
Powers & Abilities
Powers plant manipulation
Weaknesses fire based attacks
Equipment Bow and arrows, Steel hunting knife
First Appearance TBA

Cicely used to be a Fae Olympics champion in archery but quit because she now works for E.L.F. She is also the person who will be in charge of the group if their leaders are gone.


Cicely is a very energetic and optimistic girl. She is also competitive and will try her best to show off anyway so she can impress others.


Cicely was born into two pure elves who were knights for the royal family. She was a single child as well. Since her parents were highly trained elves, she learned how to defend herself as well. While growing up, she was very athletic and loved riding her horse: Amarth (Ama for short). She also loved archery as well and was very skilled in the sport. When she turned 12, she entered in the Fae Olympics (very similar to the Olympics the human world has but teenagers can enter as well) for archery and got a gold medal. Ever since then, she has always participated and every year she earned herself a gold medal. When she was 16, (her current age) the king and queen asked her to join the E.L.F. organization and decided that she'll join but eventually make her comeback in the Fae Olympics when she's older.


  • bow and arrows
  • steel hunting knife


Melee Combat

  • expert hand to hand combat
  • master weapons specialist

Plant Manipulation


Coming soon

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