Celia Strong
Vital statistics
Real Name Celia Strong
Aliases Celia (Elwyn), Child (Old Man)
Gender Female
Species Demi-god
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes Flowers, The color black, Flying, Being surrounded by friends
Dislikes Fire, Games of Wit, Elwyn's obsession with protecting her even if it means his own life, How weak her magic is
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Sub-earth plane
Relatives Elwyn Peirce (Brother, Not really), Un-named old man (Grandfather), Grethal (Father)
Allies Elwyn
Enemies Demons, and basically any villians
Affiliations Unaffiliated, but extremely helpful
Powers & Abilities
Powers Magic: Telekinetic, Basic matter manipulation, Levitation, Regeneration, Dematerialization, Short range teleportation
Weaknesses Overly helpful, Childish, Phoenix tattoo on the back of her left hand
Equipment Mortem Florebit (Bronze dagger, death lily), Black Hood, Bracers, Blue jeans, long sleeve black shirt
First Appearance Phoenix Chronicles Remastered

Character History


Celia Strong is 13 and dwells on the sub-earth plane with Elwyn and an un-named old man who is her grandfather. Her mother was killed by a greater demon shortly after she was born despite the best efforts of Elwyn afterward He became extremely protective and died several times protecting. Though this has saved her life several times it annoys her that her brother is so ready to die in her stead despite not knowing how many efficient his regeneration is, or the extent at which he can regenerate.

Physical Appearance

Celia is about 5' 6" and has long light brown-red hair that is often braided, with bright blue eyes, typical of Grethal's children. She has no delusions of being able to tame the wild mess of hair she hides in a braid.She wear blue jeans and a black T-shirt or sweater as it is her favorite color. She has a modified cloak in the color black, it is just a hood that covers her head and hides her face. She made the hood to be more like Elwyn.

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