Vital statistics
Real Name Adrianna Mattison
Aliases Adge, Adgie, Candle, Antisocial Breath (by Sabre), Medusa (also by Sabre), Anime Mc Schoolgirl (another alias by Sabre), Codename: Weapon
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes Her mates, F.A., people who actually give her a chance
Dislikes Her rivals, traitors, introverted/extroverted people, chatting
Place of Origin Empire City
Residence Empire City
Relatives Alexandria Mattison (mother, deceased), Adriel Mattison (father, deceased), Amanda Mattison (sister)
Allies Heroes, Teen Titans
Enemies Villains, AIO
Affiliations Fallout Agency
Powers & Abilities
Powers N/A
Weaknesses All human weaknesses
Equipment Two muskets, a minigun, a revolver, grenades, ammo, grappling gun, and her left earring (speaker)
First Appearance On this wiki

Candelora (born Adrianna Mattison) is a current working member for the Fallout Agency.


Candelora is extremely clumsy and gets anxious around newer people.  She is antisocial; it is unusual for her to start or join in a conversation unless she is brought into it.  When speaking to her, she will be sarcastic or shun you.  She is actually really brave and has very high endurance when in battles.  However, she gets afraid when it's something enormous or super strong.  She is very trustworthy and trusts a lot of people.  Close friends with Sabre.



Adrianna was born to a devoted family named the Mattisons.  Things would sometimes not go out so well with the family, for example, they threatened to get a divorce.  Adge was afraid of this, but she decided to keep her head up high.  She knew her parents didn't have the guts to stop their relationship.  If they did, they would be over at that time.

Abrubtly on Adrianna's fifth birthday--Amanda Mattison--had came home to celebrate with everyone.  The only thing was her sibling was trouble and throwing shade to Adge.  Then she decided to move back in, having to share a room with her.  They had sibling arguements that Adge would always lose since Amanda had more expierence than her.  It just made her hate introverted people.

Amanda then had murdered Adriel Mattison, making Alexandria a widowed woman.  Then the mother commited suicide, for she couldn't stand being without her husband that she had always desired.  That's what caused Adrianna to have ASP.  Amanda's next plans were to get Adrianna, so she could be the only one in the family following her own rules.  Adge then had ran away before she could get her.

Adrianna, running out on her own, then got "kidnapped" by the leader of F.A. when she was about ten years old. That's what taught her to be so good with guns and get her codename: Weapon.  The leader had then asked if she would help the agency grow.  She accepted that offer.

Fallout Agency

Adrianna had took the hero name "Candelora" and went out with some veterans of the agency.  She was good friends with many of them.  Then they finally went in AIO's HQ and she was the only one who survived.  The leader was able to get more people into the agency, which made Candelora happier than she was before.  Her best skill now is using weaponry.

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