Brydent was born at February 29 1988.His parents were Adrian Nicholas and Cassandra Nicholas.His father is a blacksmith who works in Blacksmithing House while his mother is a house wife.His father was a great swordsman while his mother is a great combatwoman.He got confused in choosing where will he focus so he focused on both swordsmanship and combatship.He grew up with superpowers by using swordsmanship and combatship.At January 3 1999,he got a younger brother named enceladus.But right after a year,their parents died because of the war of the Shnitzers,the mortal enemies of their parents.Brydent took care of his younger brother after the death of their parents and when Enceladus aged 5,Brydent taught Enceladus to focus on both swordsmanship and combatship.

At 2005,Brydent used the identity "PowerMan" while Enceladus used the identity "SmallMan" and they became heroes.They became superheroes of Australia and their mortal enemies were the Shnitzers.They fought the evil forces of Shizzle.

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