Brown Destroyer
Brown Destroyer
Vital statistics
Real Name Zeidik
Aliases Brown Destroyer
Gender Male
Species Zekoriat
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Likes Revenge on the people who hurted him in the past, Destroy life
Dislikes Heroes, be defeated by heroes
Place of Origin Space Sector 734 planet Z'scratch
Residence Planet Auroria
Relatives TBA
Allies Red Lantern Corps (Formely)

Red Lantern (Formely)


Enemies Atrocitus

Teen Titans (Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Miss Martian and Red Lantern)

Affiliations Red Lantern Corps (Formely)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Control other corps light with his power ring (Except Blue light of hope and Violet light of love), Fly
Weaknesses The Blue light of Hope or the Violet light of Love
Equipment Brown Power Ring
First Appearance Teen Titans season 6 episode 1 Attack of Atrocitus (As a red lantern)

Teen Titans season 6 episode 2 The Brown Light (As the Brown Destroyer)

Zeidik or Brown Destroyer is a Supervillain also the portrayer of the unique Brown Power Ring.


Zeidik was born in planet Z'scratch where he met his first love until she left him with his brother, that shamed Zeidik and made him very angry so a Red Lantern Power Ring recruited him to help an alien called Atrocitus, time later he made a friend called Razer.

Time later Zeidik found a diary which talks about a Brown Power Ring  which was created by The Guardians of the universe by an order from a Scientist of the planet Xanshi for study the Brown Light of shame, the diary says that the experiment failed and the Brown Ring was hidden in the ruined planet of Auroria.

One day Razer traitioned the Red Lantern Corps so Atrocitus and a few members of his corps (included Zeidik) chased him to the earth to kill him but Razer got the help of the Teen Titans and other heroes and the Red Lanter Corp was defeated. After be defeated, Zeidik went to a solo-mission to found the Brown Power Ring and use the power of shame to destroy the Teen Titans. After he arrive on the Brown temple and founded the Brown Ring, he putted the ring on his finger and he was consumed by the power of shame becaming The Brown Destroyer. With his old Red Lantern battery he built a Brown Battery to re-charge his ring.

Powers and Habilities

  • Control other corps light: The Brown light of shame can control the Green, Red, Yellow and Indigo light but can't control the Blue and Violet light because this ones weaken him
  • Flight: Like every lantern corp


  • Blue or Violet light: This lights can weaken him because the hope or the love dismiss the shame


  • Brown Power Ring: his main power supply
  • Brown Battery: Necessary to re-charge his ring
  • Red Power Ring: formely power supply


  • His history is based on Sinestro's history (an official Green lantern character)
  • His simbol resembles the Matrix of leadership from the transformers

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