Vital statistics
Real Name Edward Berton
Aliases Brawler, The Amber Bodyguard
Gender Male
Species Meta-Human
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Likes Destruction, violence, fighting, protecting and doing 'errands' for his boss
Dislikes Peace, weaker people than him, Rush
Place of Origin London, England
Residence B.H.E.P HQ
Relatives Unknown
Allies Better Human Evolution Project
Enemies Titans Earth
Affiliations Better Human Evolution Project
Powers & Abilities
Powers Super-strength, enhanced senses
Weaknesses He gets confused, very easily, his super-strength weakens after being used for at least 2 hours non-stop.
Equipment None
First Appearance Titans Earth: The Amber Bodyguard

"Get out of my way fast one!"
— Brawler to Rush

Brawler is the prototype Super Bodyguard for the B.H.E.P. He was created for research purposes as B.H.E.P are planning on making an army of these types of meta-humans to be their guards around the HQ. Brawler was originally a normal guard employed by B.H.E.P called Edward Berton. He volunteered to be put under testing to become stronger. The test was called Human Strength Improvement, codenamed: Project Amber Bodyguard.

Project Amber Bodyguard was a success and Edward was a changed man. He gained super-strength and enhanced senses such as sight, hearing and smell. Unfortunately Edward's IQ was lowered quite a bit. He can still fill out any orders he is given by the CEO of B.H.E.P but he can be confused very easily if the opponent is smart enough. Edward changed his name to Brawler after he was employed by the head of CEO of B.H.E.P.

Edward was born in London, England. When he was 5, him and his parents moved to New York, USA. When he was 25 he got employed by B.H.E.P based on his history as a security guard. He was flown off to the secret location and worked as a security guard there. There were two other guards there but he didn't get to know them much. When he was 30 there was an experiment for one of the security guards to be the test subject. The other two declined so Edward volunteered. This was the Project Amber Bodyguard from earlier and that experiment changed Edward's life.


Brawler is large and very muscular. He is just a centimeter smaller than Mammoth if that gives you any clue how tall he is. He wears a complete dark orange suit that covers most of his body apart from the lower part of his face. He wears grey goggles that don't show his eyes. This helps him with his enhanced sight sense. He wears grey, armored gloves and boots so he can pack a bigger punch to the one he already has. He also has a grey, metal utility belt that just seems to be for show.


Brawler has super-strength due to muscle enhancement from Project Amber Bodyguard. He also has increased senses especially his sight, hearing and smell. His touch and taste are enhanced as well but not as much as the others. He is also super-obedient and perfectly fills out orders from his boss, the mysterious CEO of B.H.E.P, and only his boss.

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