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A Tamaranean named Bluefire comes to Earth in order to protect her princess, Starfire. Bluefire realizes that life on Earth is very different than the life she had on Tamaran.


Main characters

Bluefire: The main protagonist in the series. She is Starfire's protector on Earth and Kid Flash's and AquaLad's love interest.

Starfire: The orignial Princess of Tamaran who de-throned in order to live with the titans on Earth. Befriends her protector Bluefire.

Kid Flash: Was with the titans when Bluefire searched for Starfire on Earth. Has a crush on her.

AquaLad: Was with the Titans when Bluefire was searchin for Starfire on Earth. Has a crush on Bluefire.

Minor Characters

Robin: The leader of the Teen Titans. Thinks Bluefire is a spy but later on, trusts her.

BeastBoy: Becomes a good friend of Bluefire. Likes to make Bluefire laugh all the time and likes it when she laughs at his jokes.

Cyborg: The titan's mechanic. Bluefire has 'adapted' into playing video games with him and beats him once in awhile.

Raven: Get's on Raven's bad side like she did with Robin. Raven trusts her but not completly.



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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