Jaimes Reyes is a 15 year old with a Blue Scarab connected to his spine using the code name Blue Beetle


Jaime was skating by Kord Industries when an explosion caused him to get knocked off his board. Once home he found the scarb in his bag. It connected to his spine and began talking to him. It explained who Ted Kord was but did not know who created him. For the rest of the week Jaime had trouble with the Scarab consistently talking to him. One day two teenagers appeared at his door asking if he had a scarab. He invited the two in.Lightning Lord and White Lantern Introduced themselves. Jaime had trouble believing this but decided to try out the hero biz by using Ted Kord's identity of Blue Beetle.


Unbeknown to Jaime and the Scarab itself, the Scarab is actually an alien device sent to Earth to conquer. Now off mode it wishes to protect itself and its wearer. Not much interest is found in helping the "Meat." The Scarab does love to battle however and will not allow Jaime to back down from a fight.


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