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Blade Cutter
Blade Cutter - pocket watch 2
Blade Cutter: "Time is everything"
Vital statistics
Real Name Eri Izayoi
Aliases Sharp Blade
Code name: Blade
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Active
Alignment TBA
Likes knifes
sharp things in general
Dislikes others hurting her or her family
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence F.A. HQ
Tokyo, Japan (formerly)
Relatives Jasmine Izayoi
Allies TBA
Enemies TBA
Affiliations TBA
Powers & Abilities
Powers Knife Manipulation
Weaknesses TBA
Equipment Pocket watch
First Appearance TBA

Blade Cutter is a female teen who is an assassin.


Blade Cutter is very nonchalant and composed. She acts very mature for her age, thus giving off an "adult vibe". She also is very motherly and often chides others when they don't do the tasks that are given to them. She also likes doing things on time and often gets them done on time. She hates procrastinating.



Her mother was Jasmine Izayoi. She was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and was trained to become the best assassin Tokyo has. Jasmine was known as the Lacerate. Jasmine then stopped being an assassin when she realized she was pregnant with her boyfriend's child (her ex-boyfriend as Eri is born). As Eri grew up, Jasmine taught her everything about defending herself. Eri also inherited Jasmine's knife manipulation. The power that made Jasmine's assassination jobs a lot easier.


Eri had a nice childhood. She got to train herself and became a master acrobatic as well as a master hand to hand combatant. Also, because she can use these techniques while using her knife manipulation, she is also a master weapons specialist. For her 11th birthday, Jasmine gave Eri a pocket watch that was once her grand mother's. It has her grandmother's initials with are also her initials.

Becoming an Assassin

Due to the fact that her mother was once part of an organization that used her to kill off others they hated. Eri was forced to join that organization as their new assassin.

Joining Fallout Agency

After having enough of the Black Organization's antics, she left quit even though she knows they'll be hunting for her. She joined the Fallout Agency just so that she can have some protection from the Black Organization.


Knife Manipulation


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