"...Fighting? My parents always told me fighting was wrong. That's why I'm not gonna fight you. I'm going to protect my friends!"
— Blade

Vital statistics
Real Name Francis Carter
Aliases Quick Shot,Barren,White star,Gale
Gender male
Species human
Status alive
Alignment good
Likes video games,triple beef cheese burger,pranking Gale
Dislikes Being made fun of,Books,Barren's lectures
Place of Origin earth
Residence New titans tower
Relatives Shinko(father),kayama(mother)
Allies all titans
Enemies The peace keeper
Affiliations New teen titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers none
Weaknesses having a short temper
Equipment Fold in kitana blades(found in his wrist(left)and shoulder pad(right))
First Appearance New teen titans

One of the co-founders of the New Teen Titans and is one of the youngets in the group(he is 10)aside from Gale.

He likes to prank people especially Barren. Continously annoys Gale and often referred to as a lover quarrel by Quick Shot. He is a member of the New teen titans though he is only 10 making him not technically a "teen".


He is blunt and immature at most times and very short tempered but can be very sympathetic but usually hides it.


Blade-in action

Blade in action

Early life 2035

Born to a former ninja shinko his father taught him the ways of the silent kill and was gifted at it but never really used since he lived in an almost trouble free neighbor hood in jump city.

Jump city 2045

While practicing he heard that the New teen titans were looking for a hero to join them.He offered his services but barren quickly stated "your not even a teenager"this made Blade angry and challenged Barren to a fight they were impressed with his skills and decided to let him join but before departing his father and mother gave him a hug to say good bye.Later they met a girl named White fire who wished to join the new titans but Blade iching for a fight said "only if you can beat me" and so they fought but was easly defeated for white fire insulted Blade and got Blade angry he rushed forward and white fire simply tripped him and she held a starbolt to his face,Blade admitted defeat he later came to forget about the fight and be friends with white fire.Lastely the met Gale a girl with the power to control wind Gale quickly said shes too young and Gale replied i'm the same age as you and they quarreled for a while until barren stopped them.Blade finally accepted the fact that she could be usefull and allowed her to join.They soon found themselves fighting against The peace keeper


Master ninja:has the abilitys of a ninja advance strength,speed,stealth,etc.


gets angry easily:when this happens he can become very reckless and not even think when fighting

Hostage situation:almost every hero has this problem


Night vision mask:allows him to see in the dark

Foldable katana(right):found in shoulder pad

Foldable katana(left):found in wrist

communicator:found in his glove


  • dont get him mad
  • i'm the fun one!without me this place would be as boring as barrens sense of humour!
  • Dont steal his burger he once beat up a bear that stole his burger!


  • Blade is a teen titan even if he is not a teen
  • his foldable blade concept came from baraka from mortal kombat
  • Blade had a different concept

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