Black Organization
Black Organization

The leaders of the organization
(in order from left to right): Widow, Vermouth, Gunther, and James

Team statistics
Team Name Black Organization
Aliases Black Mumbo
Hell Organization
Leader Vermouth
Members Levadeia
Status Active
Alignment Evil
Headquarters Somewhere in Jump City
Allies None
Enemies All super heroes or those who try and stop their plans
Affiliations None
First Appearance TBA

The Black Organization is a crime organization that wants to take down their enemies (they made a lot). They also want to take down their rivals as well and be called the best villain organization there ever was.


  • Vermouth: the team's head leader. She's the one who recruits others into the organization and often hunts down those who have super natural powers.
  • Widow: The leader who's specialized in weapons
  • Gunther: The multilingual leader and takes care of the organization's contacts with other teams across the world.
  • James: a ruthless leader who trains the members of the organization.


All members are either forced to work for them or are family members of the leaders.

  • Levadeia: A girl who can predict the future. She is currently being used by the organization to help them. If she refuses, her father will get killed.
  • Blade Cutter: A girl who was also forced to join due to the fact that her mother was once their own assassin. She eventually quits and joins the Fallout Agency.



  • The Black Organization needs more members! please contact Pandora if you want to make a character for this team. All will be allowed to join as long as they are villains.

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