Beulah the Witch-woman
Vital statistics
Real Name Beulah Bleak
Aliases Sorceress, Sissy, Big Bleak, Lah-lah
Gender Female
Species Croatoan
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral
Likes Success, jewellery, lemon tarts
Dislikes Klarion's mischief, plans falling apart, incompetence
Place of Origin Limbo Town
Residence Unknown (mobile)
Relatives Charity Bleak (mother)
Klarion (younger brother)
Cadfael (familiar)
Allies Dawn and Dusk
Enemies The Teen Titans (sometimes)
Affiliations Unknown
Powers & Abilities
Powers Superior magic, telepathy with Cadfael
Weaknesses Magic repellants
Equipment Magic Wand
First Appearance Teen Titans: Kith and KIn

"That's Witch-woman! As in a grown woman!"
— Beulah to Robin

Beulah the Witch-woman is the bossy older sister of Klarion.


Like other Croatoans, Beulah has pale, almost blue, skin, and black eyes. She is a tall young woman with her long black hair held back in a white hairband, and wears a black women's dress suit with high-heeled buckle shoes.


If there was one way to sum up Beulah, it would be "control freak"; Beulah is short-tempered, snobbish and has a powerful inability to admit her faults. Nonetheless, she is not a villain, and shows no interest in causing chaos, the exact opposite of Klarion.



  • Teleportation
  • Summoning
  • Pain inducement
  • Telekinesis


Beulah's magic can be thwarted with the use of anti-magic symbols and herbs, such as witch hazel and oregano.


  • Cadfael: Cadfael is Beulah's familiar and eternal companion.
  • Charity Bleak: Beulah greatly admires and respects her mother.
  • Klarion the Witch-boy: Beulah insists her superiority over Klarion, and claims to be "above his childishness", and will always put her foot down when his "fun" goes too far.

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