Better Human Evolution Project
B.H.E.P Logo

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Team statistics
Team Name Better Human Evolution Project
Aliases B.H.E.P
Leader Unknown
Members Scientists
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral (Sort of)
Headquarters B.H.E.P Labs
Allies The Projectile
Enemies Titans Earth, the Government, Ecto, Titans Earth
Affiliations The Projectile
First Appearance Titans Earth: Love Hurts (Mentioned)

The Better Human Evolution Project is a secret society of scientists who run tests on humans so they can improve their bodies.

They have finished four of their tests, The Ectoplasm Project, The Shapeshifter Project, The Winter Project, Project Cat Claw and Project Pyromaniac. They were run on the characters known as Ecto, Shapeshift, Snow, Roseclaw and Heatwave. Their CEO is unknown but scientists are the only workers their. They are currently working on Project Amber Bodyguard. Its purpose is to turn some of their scientists into muscly guards with inbuilt weapon and security systems without turning them into cyborgs. A prototype of this experiment is Brawler. He doesn't have inbuilt weapons or security systems but he does have super-human strength and enhanced sense which is good for a prototype. One of the scientists is Snow's father Dr. Victor Frost.

B.H.E.P kidnaps people for their test subjects. That is how Ecto, Shapeshift, Heatwave and Roseclaw came to be. Snow wasn't actually kidnapped. Her father was doing an experiment with a lab rat in a testing chamber when Snow accidentally ran into the testing chamber as it fired up. The rat was too small to handle the power so it died but Snow was fine. She was given cryokenesis (the ability to manipulate and control snow).

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