Is the son of Mark and Marie logan.

Beast boy (Lead of Evil)
Vital statistics
Real Name Garfield Logan
Aliases BB

Beast Dude

Monkey Face (by Some-enemy)

     and Etc...... 
Gender Male
Species HUMAN
Status Single
Alignment Teen Titans
Likes PIZZA,Soft Drinks,Pepperoni,Pancakes,Ice cream.
Dislikes Starfire's cooked food
Place of Origin Africa
Residence Jump City
Relatives Mark logan(father),Mary logan(mother).
Allies Teen Titans Members
Enemies The forces of Evil.
Affiliations TEEN TITANS,Doom Patrol(Former member).
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shape shifting into different animal
Weaknesses Logic
Equipment {{{Weapons and Artifacts}}}
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

Physical Appearance

Altough his whole body is green.He has slight spiky hair and dress with a black and violet uniform 



After Being bite by a monkey he had contracted a serious disease called Sakutia. To save him his parent attempt to cure him with their new serum that his parent created,wich bestowed him his Shape-shifting Abilities as a side effect his whole body turn green later his parent died in a boating accident. After his parent died he was interested to join doom patrol.But quited because of Mento's harsh less encouragin attitude.later he came to jump city where he encountered Robin Starfire Cyborg an Raven, and beastboy aided them from liberating starfire and her Gordanian Captor.After That the five made a team on their own. The TEEN TITANS

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