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Batman INC. (Earth-Project)

Team statistics
Team Name Batman INC.
Aliases The Batmen, The Batfreaks, The Batfamily
Leader Bruce Wayne
Members The Batmen, The League of Bats
Status Active
Alignment Good
Headquarters Gotham City
Allies Justice League, Teen titans.
Enemies Batman villains
Affiliations Various
First Appearance N/A

To stop criminal activites aross the globe and unite fellow non-powerd vigilantes Bruce Wayne funded Batman Incorporated.


Despite Bruce's best efforts to deny the truth he realised, He is only ONE man. As such he searched out vigilantes that took up the same agenda as he. Searching across the globe Batman now has


Batman- Leader, Gotham, Justice League

Oracle- Mission Ops, Tech, Survelience.

Nightwing- Titans

Red Robin- Teen Titans

Batwoman- Bludhaven

Black Bat- Hong Kong

Dark Ranger- Australia

El Gaucho- Argentina

The Hood- England

Batman Japan- Japan

Musketeer- Paris

Nightrunner- France

Knight- England

Squire- Scotland

Man-of-Bats- South Dakota

Raven Red- South Dakota

Red Hood- Traveling

Batwing- Africa

Batman of Moscow (Earth Project)- Moscow

Wingman- Sweden

Talon- Secret Member

The Outsiders

The Outsiders are a faction of Batman Inc. that is no one is directly aware exists. They do not care what social media says about them


Black Lightning








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