"...My powers Suck! they literally will suck out all the water in your body..."
— Barren

Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Quick shot,blade,white fire,gale
Gender male
Species parasitiam
Status alive
Alignment good
Likes meditation,silence
Dislikes annoying sounds,blade throwing a tantrum
Place of Origin parasyia
Residence New titans tower
Relatives none
Allies all titans
Enemies The peace keeper
Affiliations New teen titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers ability to absorb moisture through skin(uncontrolable)
Weaknesses loss of hydration
Equipment Ravens cloak(given as gift),hydration equipment
First Appearance New teen titans

Barren is one of the co-founders of the New Teen Titans along with Quick shot.he is second in command if Quick shot is unable too.and seems to respect Quick shot alot


he is in many ways like raven he likes meditating and reading books he sometimes seems cold and heartless but is actually very sympathetic.He has feelings for White fire and she has feelings for him but they have difficulty expressing this.


Early life 2030

Barren full

Barren full body layout

born on a planet called Parasyia but was sent to earth to drain it of its water supply but lost its memory of doing soo(he bumped his head on a tree)later found by Raven was trained to control his powers and taught mix martial arts by raven.When raven died of old age gave him her cloak and ventured to New jump city

Jump city 2045

Barren decides to try being a hero and met Quick shot.At first Quick shot thought he was raven which annoyed Barren but later decided to let Quick shot form the New teen titans .They met first met a young hero named Blade (blade is 5 years younger than barren and Quick shot who are 15 meaning blade is 10 ) who seemed to annoy Barren quite a bit.Blade would counstantly call Barren Water head(because Barren had to wear a hydration mask to moisturise himself so he wouldnt die)Barren decided "fine he can join aslong as he doesnt annoy me to much".Next they met white fire who is the daughter of Robin and starfire he says she is to bold and daring and should not joind the team.But later sees she is very useful in a fight.Lastely they meet a young girl named Gale (she is 10 years old) who says shes come a long way to join the New teen titans and is permitted to.He sometimes gets angry at blade and gale for constantly arguing.They soon found themselves fighting against The peace keeper

Powers and traits

Mix martial arts expert:taught by raven he can defend himself with his martial arts

Moisture absorption:able to absorb H2O out of any organic or unorganic being

Advance reflex:caused by ravens harsh training


No control over moisture power:due to his lack of training in this matter he absorbs moiture uncontrolably

Hostage situation:almost every hero has this problem


moisture equipment:he needs this equipment to stay moisturized or else he'll die

communicator:is found in his hydration mask


  • he prefers not to be disturbed
  • he once took of his mask but could only be seen by Quick shot
  • He hates it when Blade and Gale argue because its so annoying


  • his name is a reference to "Barren wastteland"land with no water
  • he has been confused as raven by Quick shot
  • was given ravens cloak
  • was trained by raven

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