Vital statistics
Real Name Augustus Athae
Aliases August
Gender Male
Species Elf
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes Darkness, playing pranks
Dislikes Light, when people tell unfunny jokes
Place of Origin Rhoveleg
Residence E.L.F HQ
Relatives N/A
Allies E.L.F.
Enemies All villains
Affiliations E.L.F.
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shadow manipulation
Weaknesses Light manipulation, fire
Equipment N/A
First Appearance On this wiki

"My world is full of darkness. If I'm interrupted by any existing source of light, my weakness will be identified."
— Augustus

Augustus is a male shadow elf apart of the E.L.F. organization. He loves to play pranks but not too often.


Augustus is a little bit sarcastic and ignorant when he wants to be, but then he'll be a little outgoing and maybe play some pranks after.  He loves it when people get mad so he can mess around with them.  Augustus is a bad example for kids.

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