Vital statistics
Real Name Jade Willows
Aliases J.W.
Gender Female
Species Witch
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Likes Her friends, being evil, watching people suffer
Dislikes Her past, Spectria, and anyone that ticks her off
Place of Origin Lousiville, KY
Residence H.I.V.E Academy
Relatives Unknown biological parents

Aria Willows (aka Spectria; sister)

Cathy and Kenneth Lindell (adoptive parents; both deceased)

Allies H.I.V.E students
Enemies Spectria, Teen Titans, and all of her school's enemies
Affiliations H.I.V.E
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shadow manipulation, levitation, mind-control, and telekinesis
Weaknesses Her past
Equipment Doesn't go anywhere without wearing her teal and black gloves and mini Mad-Hatter hat
First Appearance 12/28/13 (Wiki)

"You’re not my sister. You are my mortal enemy. We can never be a family." -Astral to Spectria"

Astral (born Jade Willows) is a 17-year-old student at H.I.V.E Academy. She has the ability to manipulate shadows and control them, as well as perform dark spells on her enemies. She can give her manipulated shadows the ability to attack and use them as an offense to defend her and her allies.

She is also the biologcal older sister of Aria Willows (a.k.a Spectria) and she wants no affiliation with her because she is just another reminder of her orphan days in the past.

Character History

She was given up for adoption as an infant and still hasn't found her biological parents. She was later adopted by Cathy and Kenneth Lindell, who took her in as their own. When she entered her junior year of high school, things were beginning to look up for her. She applied early to a community college and was later accepted early if she kept her grades up.

But all her dreams were shattered one night when a drunk driver killed her foster parents in a car accident. She was in the accident too, but survived with severe injuries. Once she learned of her foster parents deaths, she lost all hope for a bright future and dropped out of high school, losing her scholarship for the community college.

She later started hanging out with the wrong crowds. One night, on the night of a full moon, after a "friend" insulted her. Well, it infuriated her. She then suddenly held out her hand towards the boy who insulted her and levitated him into the air, and somehow suffocated him to death. She then realized what she had done and began to run, her former friends yelling and screaming "witch" at her as she ran off into the woods.

She tripped somewhere in the middle of the woods and badly sprained her ankle. Later that night, the H.I.V.E students found her and took her back to the academy once they figured out she had dark powers. She learned how to use those powers and made friends at H.I.V.E.

She swore then and there that she would have revenge on anyone who had hurt her in the past.

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