Aries (born Jason Phillips) is a 17-year-old member of The Zodiac. He's a pyrokinetic and a good friend of Gem and Mini.

Vital statistics
Real Name Jason Phillips
Aliases Aries
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment U.S. Government
Likes Grinning, pointing out other peoples faults, and acting cool
Dislikes Being wrong, being thought weak
Place of Origin San Diego, California
Residence Zodiac HQ
Relatives Unknown
Allies Zodiac and USA Government
Enemies Doppelgangers, Teen Titans (formerly)
Affiliations Zodiac
Powers & Abilities
Powers Pyrokinesis
Weaknesses Water and his pride
Equipment N/A
First Appearance Zodiac

Character History

As a young boy, Aries was a free spirit. He had a few friends, but he didn't care because they were his real friends and he knew they would always have his back. Suddenly, all the people he thought were his friends turned their backs on him. He didn't know why and they never told him. However he is sure it was because they were protecting him. He does not call people his friends easily however.


Aries enjoys watching from the sidelines until he is sure its time to step in. He has an ability to know when to do things to get the best outcome. He is very charismatic and strong.


Jason has the ability to create and control fire. He had trouble controlling it as a kid but over the years, he slowly learned how to control them. He once burned down a house because his powers were so out of control. He got away from the scene and luckily the fire was considered a kitchen accident. He hasn't forgot that day since.


Leo: He respects him as the team leader, although they don't talk much. He does what he is told and tries to please Leo.

Gem and Mini: His two closest friends. They met soon after the team was assembled and almost instantly took a liking to the twins. His favorite twin is Gem (don't tell Mini!) and her shy behavior is something they have in common, which makes him feel less nervous around her.

Scorpio: These two don't talk much. She's too flirtatious for him and he's just not into that. Although he will work with her when they're on a mission.

Aquarius: They never talk. He thinks she sees him as weak and doesn't think he can handle the pressure of a mission. Because of this, neither have really spoken to each other before.

Pisces: Finds them a bit strange. Doesn't talk to them.

Capricorn: Sees him as a hot-head who rushes into things without thinking. He's strong, but totally reckless. Doesn't speak to him much.

Libra: Seems like a cool guy. He doesn't have many friends, and keeps things bottled inside. He's a bit strange, but a good fighter.

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