"Spiders are famously known for their well spun webs. I'm gonna make a web that will trap you, my fly! "
— Arachne

Vital statistics
Real Name Beatrice von Loft
Aliases Arachne, Spider Girl
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment villain
Likes Spiders,
Dislikes Idiots
Place of Origin United States
Residence An abandoned house in Star City
Relatives Fang (cousin)
Allies All Teen Titan Enemies
Enemies All Teen Titan enemies
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers transforming into a giant black widow, using her nails to drip out spider venom
Weaknesses Birds
Equipment Golden knife
First Appearance pending

Arachne is a famously known villain. She can transform into a giacantic black widow and can paralyis anybody at a close or far rang (if she gets a good shot).


Arachne is often found alone with her many spider friends. You know when you're near her house when you see a cluster of spiders together that is very uncommon.

Powers and Abilities


Her venom can paraylis her target. She can shoot up to four targets at a time. She has to recharge (which is waiting for five mintues).


She is very skilled in acrobatics, thus making her very flexible and agile.


Her speed is the equivilant to a Ferrari.


She can transform into a gigantic black widow which creeps every civillian out.
Arachne's spider form look

A visual on Arachne's spider form (on small scale).


Kitten: They have been best friends since pre-school. Since Arachne has been the popular girl among the goths and Kitten with the fashionistas, they got along pretty well, despite their different taste in clothing.

Fang: They always got each other's backs. Fang always teases Arachne like an older brother. Arachne treats Fang as if he was really her older brother, since Fang always treats her like she was his youger sister.

Killer Moth: He creaps her out but she still has respect for him since he's Kitten's dad.

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