Aquarius is a member of the Zodiac

Vital statistics
Real Name A'Laura
Aliases Laura, Aquarius, Water girl(despised nickname)
Gender Female
Species Atlantean?
Status alive
Alignment U.S. Government
Likes Water, Answers, and Friends
Dislikes Lies, Liars, and Secrets
Place of Origin Possibly Atlantis
Residence Zodiac H.Q.
Relatives None Known
Allies The Zodiac, Teen Titans
Enemies The Dopplegangers, Teen Titans(Formally)
Affiliations The Zodiac, USA
Powers & Abilities
Powers Hydrokinesis, Atlantean Physiology, low level physcic ability.
Weaknesses Asphyxiation, Mortal
Equipment None
First Appearance N/A


A'Laura is 5"9. She has long blue hair and yellow eyes. She has a birthmark on her forehead resembling an X. She dislikes not feeling the wind or water and as such dislikes wearing too much. However she does understand the morality of wearing clothing. Due to her lack of understanding of herself she tries on different outfits. Her main outfit is made up of mismatched blue clothing she found. It has lots of belts and straps holding it tight to her skin. It is weighs almost nothing and allows her quick movement.


Laura is headstrong. Her wit is unmatched and slightly annoying at times. She enjoys laughing and having fun. Laura can sometimes be rude in her ways. However normally she is kind. When angered she doesn't lose her cool. She demeans her opponent verbally to anger them. One thing she hates is lies. She is a very honest person.


Laura's first memories were being tested by Scientists. She learned quickly the reason was she was different. She had powers that others could not understand. She became friends with another person being held in the lab. His name was Leo. Leo was at first shocked that she could talk to him through the wall. But after he discovered her Atlantean origin it all became clear. Once she was told about the Zodiac and the fact that others with powers like Leo would be in it she decided to join. Mostly to gain friends. But also to learn about her origins.


Laura is an average Atlantean. This means she is Stronger, Thicker skinned, and has more stamina then a human. She also has low level telepathic abilities. This only allows her to talk to someone in a close distance to her and does not allow her to communicate to marine life like Aquaman.

However like all Atlanteans she must Bathe or come in contact with water at least once every 24 hours or she will begin to die.

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