Real Name. Casey Jones. Nicknames Aqua, Water Girl. Likes. Her Mother

"Just Because I look nice dosent mean I am!"

Aqua To Gimzo

Name. Casey Jones. 

History.Aqua seems to have a bad past because her feelings seem to be mix with alot of things. In Goodbye Love Part 1. When Weedy kisses Lighting. Aqua tries to drown them. Unit Angel stops her by saying "Aqua They wont hurt you!" It was told by her father that Aqua was born Casey Jones unit her mother passed away thats when she found out she had powers.

Mother and Daughter Relationship. 

It was told by her father that Aqua's  mother passed away when she was four years old. Aqua's  Mother never wanted to leave her daughter so she haunted her unit she found out Aqua was losing control of her feelings. Thats when Aqua's Mother lefted

Father and Daughter Relationship

When Aqua's father , Mark came to town he wanted to bring Aqua back to New York so she could be more happy. Then after a breif phone call he saw how happy his daughter was.


Aqua is one of the more witty members of the Titans. She enjoys to tease her fellow teammates (especially Nova Spark ), and takes pleasure in annoying her  teammates. She can be a little short tempered though (especially at [Weedy]). Her greatest pet peeve is when people mess with her hair.

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