"You think you have had a hard life? My Family is Out To Get me! This Team is now my life whether you like it or not!"

Angla to Aqua


Angla was born in Steel City. Being the youngest in her family Angla always though that good was wrong and evil was right . After turning 10 Angla changed her ways. Much to her  twin sister Midnight disliking 

Nova Spark and Angla  Source

A week after joing  Teen Titans Relive Angla was forced to face her fear of flying. Nova  Spark was there helping her get off the roof. After Angla faced her fear she gave Nova Spark  a kiss on the check which caused him to faint. 

After Angla  was hurt badly by facing her own family Nova Spark  ran seven blocks to get Angla to the tower. When Angla was put into a coma Nova waited by her side unit she woke up. When she woke Nova Spark  told her how happy he was to have her alive. The two quciky fall in love with each other after that and are dating 

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