Vital statistics
Real Name Lonnie Manchin
Aliases Anarky, Moneyspider
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Chaos (as he doesn't believe in good and evil)
Likes Freedom, Anarchy, The State of Nature, 3rd world countries.
Dislikes Oppression, Order, Government, The U.S.A., China, Communism, Demmocracy
Place of Origin Jump City
Residence Jump City
Relatives Linda Penman (mother), Mike Machin (adoptive father, deceased), Roxanne Machin (adoptive mother, deceased)
Allies None
Enemies The Titans, Robin
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Skilled Hacker, Genius Level Intellect (Augmented by the fusing of the hemispheres of his brain.)
Weaknesses He's only Human
Equipment Anarky Baton: A powerful electric stun baton that doubled as a grappling hook.

Anarky Stars: Many throwing stars shaped as circle-A's.

"Max": He has an on-board computer, named Max, that has an actual personality of its own and functions in a similar fashion to Mister Terrific's T-Spheres.

First Appearance Teen Titans, Go! (The Musical)


Anarky wears an all red jumpsuit, along with black and red boots, a black cape, black gloves, a red hood, and a golden mask with red arround the eyes. Without the mask, he has red hair and blue eyes.


He dispises authority, and wants to free the world from oppression (starting with jump city). He belives that the Teen Titans are a symbol of oppression, and decides to destroy them.


Lonnie Manchen grew up feeling oppressed by the governent. He decided that government was unnessesary and decided that Anarchy was the best way to go. When the Teen Titans moved into Jump City, Lonnie decided that he would act uppon his veiws, starting with the teen titans. He took up the moniker of Anarky, and vowed to rid the city of the "oppressive" titans. He tricks raven into joining his cause, but she betrays him when she sees him savagely beating robin with a lead pipe. She snapps his neck, paralizeing him from the neck down.


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