"If you think you can face me down, and survive, you're just as arrogant as that little girl your with!"

Vital statistics
Real Name Jason Brand
Aliases Amethyst, Death Storm
Gender Male
Species Mutant Human/ Demon hybrid
Status Deceased
Alignment Evil
Likes Power
Dislikes Firestormblaze, Switchblade, when FSB ruins his plans
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence None
Relatives Firestormblaze (brother)
Allies {{{allies}}}
Enemies Firestormblaze, Switchblade
Affiliations {{{Teams, Countries, or individuals}}}
Powers & Abilities
Powers Darkness
Weaknesses Intense light
Equipment Amethyst Gazer
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

Amethyst formerly known as Lord Dark Storm, and Death Storm was a psychopathic half human, half demon hybrid on a quest for power.


Though he is Firestormblaze's older brother, the two are almost the complete opposite of one another. Amethyst is very cool, collected and confident. He has a degree of arrogance, but as a whole, he is focused and patient, all for achieving his goal of attaining massive power. It is rare to see Amethyst express emotion, except in fits of insanity. But even these are subdued by his own calm attitude eventually.

Physical appearance

Amethyst has black hair and crimson eyes. He is tall in stature, around the same height as his brother, except he's a couple inches taller. Like his brother he appears to be quite muscular. He too is considered quite handsome by almost all girls near his physiological age. His eye glow purple when he uses his powers.

Her wears a predominantly black and purple costume that includes: a long black trench coat, with the sleeves separated three inches from his shoulders. A purple and black undershirt, black pants with purple shins, and black boots.


Powers and abilities


Superhuman Strength: Amethyst has super-human strength. Being older, he is easily able to over power even his brother, Firestormblaze.

  • Invulnerability: Like his younger brother, Amethyst has moderate invulnerability to physical harm, heat, cold, and high-intensity radiation.
  • Flight: Amethyst is able to fly great distances, as well as recline in the air.
  • Energy Projection: Amethyst can project incredibly strong and powerful dark bursts of energy from his body.


  • Physical
    • Superhuman Strength:
    • Enhanced Durability:
    • Toxin resistance: Amethyst has an immunity to earthly poisons, such as teargas or joker venom.
  • Expert marksman:
  • Hand to hand combat:
  • Stealth:
  • Mental:
    • Multilingual: Amethyst can speak all earth languages languages.



  • Amethyst Gazer - Amethyst once wielded the Amethyst Gazer, which gave his powers an extraordinary boost.




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