"Being alone. I like being alone. But i don't want to be alone. Somebody, somebody, anybody be with me."-Amanda

Amanda Jinshu
Vital statistics
Real Name Amanda
Aliases The cannibalistic ghost, Mandy, The Lonely Merry-go-Round
Gender Female
Species Human (cannibal)
Status Alive
Alignment none (leans towards evil)
Likes Human flesh, the Merry-go-round, stars
Dislikes Eating the hearts, the day time
Place of Origin San Diego
Residence The Abandoned Carnival
Relatives Unknown
Allies none
Enemies Anybody that wanders in
Affiliations --
Powers & Abilities
Powers --
Weaknesses She is a normal human being with no special powers, so she loses blood easily
Equipment Fork, table knife, pocket knife
First Appearance --

The Carnival

When Amanda was very young, she had gone to a carnival. She had the funnest time of her life, but after that time, she was never allowed to go ever again. When she turned 17, she left her parents house, and went to the same carnval. When she arrived, it was abandoned. It had been like this for several years, apperantly. It was abandoned because of a strange murder that happened in the bathrooms. The entire park was closed for a few months. After a while, the case was closed. People didn't come after that. The owners had never returned after the incident, so the few people that did want to come, couldn't. Sometimes, teenagers would sneek into the park and ride some of the functioning rides. When Amanda arrived, the enterance was rubble. She hopped over it and saw some teens fooling around on the merry-go-round. When these teens saw her, they tried attacking. She stabbed and killed them all with her pocket knife. She was disgusted at what she did. She could never come back to her parents. At that moment, she had decided to live at the carnival. One of the teens had a table knife and a fork in his pocket, so she took it, and ate them. At that point, she had gone crazy. She wandered around, and in the employee's only room, she found a bedroom ment for a 8 year old girl. She has been living in that carnival ever since, inviting people to come in and play, only to eat them.


Amanda has short green hair. She has a whit shawl covering her shoulders, and has a matching dress with two large bows. She wears red and white striped socks and brown boots. She also has brown gloves and white frill headband.


Fork and table knife

She carries a fork and table knife with her everywhere.

Pocket knife

This is the knife given to her by her father. She only uses it to cut the rotten flesh, or to kill.


  • The dress she wears is not her own. She found it in the bedroom, and tailored it to her size.
  • She is 23 years of age.
  • Despite the rumors, she is not a ghost. She is nothing but a human.
  • She sings on the moving merry-go-round to lure people in
  • She refers to herself as "The Lonely Merry-go-Round"
  • She never eats the hearts of her victim.
  • (Quite obviously) based off of Vocaloid Gumi (:/)

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