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Alley Cat
Alley Cat
Vital statistics
Real Name Allison Chung
Aliases Cat
The Kitty Girl
Cute Asian Neko
Gender Female
Species Human/Cat
Status Active
Alignment TBA
Likes kitties
being petted
Dislikes anything relating to dogs
being doused in water
Place of Origin Jump City
Residence TBA
Relatives Unknown mother and father
Allies TBA
Enemies TBA
Affiliations TBA
Powers & Abilities
Powers Feline Physiology
Weaknesses water based attacks (it just annoys her and she will just stop fighting if she get's splashed or doused in water)
Equipment Twin Sai swords
First Appearance TBA

Alley Cat aka Cat is a human who has been infused with cat DNA.


Alley Cat's personality is like how people usually would describe cats: aloof and lazy. Alley Cat likes to get things done when she wants to. She isn't that hard working and likes to sit around in the sun instead of doing work. She's also a very stubborn girl to get along with.



Alley Cat was born as Allison Chung. She had parents who were both mad scientists and loves experimenting on her. At first she didn't mind but when the experiments started to get too extreme, she started refusing. The refusing quickly lead to punishments. They locked her up in the basement and basically tortured her with different kinds of experiments that would have killed her. (This eventually became a good thing for her when she grew older because her durability has been enhanced because of those experiments.) One day, her parents got a hold of some random cat's DNA and thought of the wildest thing they could do: infuse the cat's DNA with their daughter's to hopefully make her have some cat parts. They succeeded and Allison grew cat ears and a tail within days. Knowing this was going to make her the laughing stalk of the century, she locked herself up in her room since her parents stopped doing experiments on her ever since they confirmed that DNA infusion does give out some animal qualities to humans. Her parents eventually made a living from that experiment and let Allison lock herself up since she was no longer useful to them. Allison then ran away from home since nobody seemed to care about her anymore and roamed around the streets while she stole for a living.


Melee Combat

  • Master Acrobatic
  • Master weapons specialist

Feline Physiology


  • she has the ability to flawlessly communicate with other cats (no matter what kind)
    • even though she knows how to speak english, she rarely talks and often mewls or meows instead to respond back to others
  • she uses a variety of weapons that she hides in her clothing: ninja stars, stilettos, knives, and hand arrows


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