"Does someone need a laugh?"

Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Clown Boy

Joker Jr.

Gender Male
Species Human
Status Hero
Alignment Good
Likes Knifes


Making people laugh

Combat practice with Robin

Dislikes Color "Pink"

His scars

His Father

Place of Origin Gotham City
Residence Jump City
Relatives Joker (father)

Harley Quinn (mother)

Allies White Tornado

Robin (friendly competitor)



Beast Boy




Hot Spot




Ravager (on and off crush)

Enemies Cinderblock


Mr. R

Affiliations Teen Titans (formaly)

Titans South (leader)

Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses People with powers

Fighting on a empty stomach

Equipment His pocket knife

Mini laser gun

Laser beam in golden wrist-watch

Bombs that contain 'laughing gas'

Sharp playing cards (which can cut through any metal)

First Appearance

Character History

Coming Soon...


Ace has white skin, green hair, and brown eyes. His unusual skin color came from his father, who got his skin color after falling into a tank of chemicals. He also got his hair color, which again, came from the chemicals. The only thing he got from his mother was her brown eyes. His outfit is very similar to his father's; The Joker. He wears a long purple trench coat, a green shirt with a red bow tie, black pants, black leather boots, and black shades (which he wears all the time) The white bandages on his hands came to be when his father burned his hands for letting Batman escape. 


Ace is a very big prankster and he loves to have fun. However, when people think of this and compare him to his father, he can grow very furious. He sometimes can be a little of a hot-head, especially when in fights with Robin. He loves to tease Robin, the reason unknown, though this could be because he fought against him and Batman long ago. 

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