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ARMOR Operations "REFORMATION, Part I" August 2013 1 1 FireDrag1091
Makarov-083 is sent to investigate a REFORMATION Beacon, as he comes across a previous ally.
ARMOR Operations "REFORMATION, Part II" August 2013 1 2 FireDrag1091
Hours after the events of REFORMATION, Part I; Makarov-083 is sent to a previous deployment to harvest information, when he comes across a group of vigilantes.
ARMOR Operations "Legacy, Part I" August 2013 1 3 FireDrag1091
Makarov-083 comes across a mysterious relic; uncovering an ancient evil who has devious plans in mind.
ARMOR Operations "Legacy, Part II" August 2013 1 4 FireDrag1091
Makarov-083 must face (and triumph) incredible odds in order to preserve humanity.
ARMOR Operations "Legacy, Part III/End Game" August 2013 1 5 FireDrag1091
Makarov-083 faces his opponent; setting to defeat the ancient evil which threatens the Galaxy.

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