ARMOR Operations
ARMOR Operations
Series Information
Created by FireDrag1091
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 5 (mini-series)
Status Running

ARMOR Operations is a series created by FireDrag1091 in early July. It begins the series of the ARMOR Saga; detailing many important events of the life of ARMOR Super-soldier: Makarov-083, the remaining ARMOR Program and Project REFORMATION survivor. It is also meant to detail the brutality of the ARMOR Super-soldier and the aftermath of the REFORMATION Project. It will feature members of the Teen Titans in few episodes, as they work aside Makarov-083.


During the aftermath of the REFORMATION Project, Makarov-083 is sent to recover beacons of deceased ARMOR Super-soldiers as he attempts to halt a progression of a rogue unit. Later, Makarov-083 comes across an ancient alien relic which holds a large secret which has intention to seize control of the Galaxy.


Makarov-083/ Vadam Makarov: Main character of ARMOR Operations, Makarov-083 is a Super-soldier augmented by the ARMOR Program to serve the Russian Military and Nation. Makarov-083 is far more skilled than any average human; being physically stronger, mentally unbreakable, and an important asset to contain world peace. Makarov-083 must overcome obstacles which will take him out of his comfort zone to protect humanity.

Many ARMOR Super-soldiers: The allies (or enemies) of Makarov-083, the many ARMOR Super-soldiers have proved to be important assets to the Russian Military and Nation alongside Makarov-083; and with many deceased, it’s a race for survival.

Teen Titans: The respective allies of Makarov-083, the Titans must work with the ARMOR Super-soldier to help defend humanity.

  • Robin/ Richard Grayson: Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans, and subtle ally of Makarov-083. While he isn’t friendly with the ARMOR Super-soldier; he will work alongside him for the defense of Humanity.
  • Korind’r/ Starfire: Starfire is a member of the Teen Titans, and subtle ally of Makarov-083. While she dislikes the ARMOR Super-soldier, she agrees with Robin the best alternative is to work alongside him to defeat villains with the odds in their favor.
  • Raven Roth/ Raven: Raven is a member of the Teen Titans, and subtle ally of Makarov-083. While she is un-easy with the ARMOR Super-soldier, she decided to put aside her fears to help save humanity.
  • Victor Stone/ Cyborg: Cyborg is a member of the Teen Titans, and ally of Makarov-083. While he is up for being allies with the ARMOR Super-soldier, he helped Robin decide to work alongside Makarov-083.
  • Garfield Logan/ Beast Boy: Beast Boy is a member of the Teen Titans, and nemesis of Makarov-083. While he is trying to get the Titans to turn against the ARMOR Super-soldier, he must learn to handle his anger and work alongside Makarov-083.
  • Tara Markov/ Terra: Terra is a member of the Teen Titans, and proclaimed hero of Jump City. While she dislikes working alongside Makarov-083, Terra must make a decision to either help the ARMOR Super-soldier to help defend humanity from an ancient evil which threatens her and her friend’s existence.

Episode Guide

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 5 August 2013 TBA
1 "REFORMATION, Part I" August 2013 1 1 FireDrag1091
Makarov-083 is sent to investigate a REFORMATION Beacon, as he comes across a previous ally.
2 "REFORMATION, Part II" August 2013 1 2 FireDrag1091
Hours after the events of REFORMATION, Part I; Makarov-083 is sent to a previous deployment to harvest information, when he comes across a group of vigilantes.
3 "Legacy, Part I" August 2013 1 3 FireDrag1091
Makarov-083 comes across a mysterious relic; uncovering an ancient evil who has devious plans in mind.
4 "Legacy, Part II" August 2013 1 4 FireDrag1091
Makarov-083 must face (and triumph) incredible odds in order to preserve humanity.
5 "Legacy, Part III/End Game" August 2013 1 5 FireDrag1091
Makarov-083 faces his opponent; setting to defeat the ancient evil which threatens the Galaxy.

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