Titans Ep. 1
This is the first episode of Teen Titans Together!


The Titans unite for the first time, when Red Robin seeks out the first of many victims of the anoymous group called N.O.W.H.E.R.E., known as Wonder Girl. But a new recruit for his new team is not the only thing he finds....


Red Robin is in his living room, at an apartment in downtown Gotham. He extends his arm to reach a frame that shows Batman and him, together. 

"Those were old times," Red Robin mumbles to himself.

He puts back the frame and gets up.

"I'm on my own now. I'm my own Batman. I'm Red Robin."

He peers his head over to the clock, which shows 11:00 A.M.

"Eleven? The day's barely over!"

Red Robin jumped back in his couch, and covered his eyes with his hands.

"Ugh, so bored...."

Minutes pass by, until something on his wrist watch beeps red. A hologram pops up, with an automatic voice.


Red Robin gasped.

"I thought the only Metahumans were the Justice League...but they're miles away from Gotham...."

Robin pressed the device, and stated, "Info! Person detail describe!"

The hologram pulled up a face that had a title attatched, stating WONDER GIRL- METAHUMAN- CASSANDRA SANDSMARK- LOCATED: DOWNTOWN GOTHAM.

"Downtown Gotham? I can be there in a flash!" Red Robin yelled. He pulled up the window, jumped in, and flew out with his feather wings helping him soar in the air.

Downtown Gotham....

Kid Flash was running on water, splashing droplets on a burning house. Wonder Girl was being strangled by a strange shiloutte, in the middle of the flamed place.

"What do you...*GAHK* want from me?!" Cassandra asked.

The shiloutte chuckled.

"Your head, Wonder Girl. Your temple would make a great prize...."

Kid Flash frowned.

"You going to pay for that prize of yours? In your language, that means you'll have to go through me, first." Kid Flash spoke to the demon.

Kid Flash stopped running around, crouched down and got into a battle pose.

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